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Can Confidential Education Data Be Held at Ransom?

blog-imagesPosted on 2017-05-17
by Distance Learning Education

Imagine if you are accessing your personal college records online and somehow it is blocked by a third party who has changed your passwords and is asking for a fee to release the new passwords. What would you do in such a situation? Especially, when you want to access your current examination result! Yes, it happens and is happening quite often. Ransomware attack rates hitting industries have doubled and tripled in the past years. Ransome ware usually plagued the medical industry the most but at the moment the c ...

7 New Age career Options

blog-imagesPosted on 2017-01-27
by Distance Learning Education

Technology has brought in a new revolution altogether in the minds of the people, and it would not be an overstatement to say that it has also helped people emerge in this growing competitive world. There has been a sudden gust in the employment industry with new set of job opportunities they offer. During times where people had limited Job options, this era sure promises a great and bright future for the present generation. And what entices them the most is the kind of salary that these technologies offer in th ...

Bridging Career Interests and Aptitudes

blog-imagesPosted on 2016-12-22
by Distance Learning Education

Gone are the days when choosing a career meant choosing between becoming a doctor or an engineer, and leaving behind all the other interests or goals you had. The major reason being, lack of guidance and societal influence, The latter plays an important role in people’s life unfortunately and so without thinking much, they decide their career based on the options available. Thinking out of box or going out of the league was not really a choice for ...

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10 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

blog-imagesPosted on 2016-07-26
by Distance Learning Education

1. Disciplined & Confident

Real World Entrepreneur Training should be disciplined and confident.Successful entrepreneurs are disciplined enough to make decisions that make their business walk forward in the path of accomplishing the targets.They should always focus on making their organizations work, and take out any obstac ...

Growing Workfields in India

blog-imagesPosted on 2016-07-16
by Distance Learning Education

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world today and this has been possible due to the expansion of business and introduction of new work fields in the country. There are several fields one would think about before taking up a career for himself/herself. Here, we have shortlisted three such courses and have given a detailed account of them. Here it goes……….