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Stress Reduction and Wellness

Indian : Rs.3500
International : $62

1. What is stress and how does it affect physical and emotional health?
2. Look at ways to cope with stress
3. Use mindfulness meditation techniques
4. Create positive and meaningful personal contacts
5. Explore ways to create emotional health.

In this course you will learn to identify stress, establish what situations, thoughts or feelings stress you out and learn ways to reduce this stress. Identifying mind traps, will help you to become more aware of your thinking patterns and enable you to be more mindful of them, allowing you to increase your resilience to stressors and life difficulties.
The course consists of video lectures with voice and documents, together with supplementary materials such as videos, and audios to enhance your practice. If you complete the course in one sitting it should take about half a day to one day to complete.
In a review of research into the benefits of mindfulness, the American Psychological Association found that many studies show that practicing mindfulness reduces stress. (Davis, D. M., Hayes, J., A. What are the benefits of mindfulness? Monitor on Psychology, July/August 2012). Studies show evidence that mindfulness increases positive emotions and decreases negative emotions and anxiety. Farb et al., found that mindfulness shifts a person%27;s ability to use emotion regulation strategies, enabling them to experience emotion selectively.
Farb NAS, Anderson AK, Mayberg H, et al. Minding one%27;s emotions: Mindfulness training alters the neural expression of sadness. Emotion. 2010;10(1):2533.
Besides these benefits there are many others, such as: boosting working memory, ability to focus attention, becoming less emotionally reactive, increased relationship satisfaction, increased immune functioning, improved sense of well-being, to list a few.

Reference: American Psychological Association:

  • Over 7 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Identifying stress and its effect on physical and emotional health
  • Implement ways to cope with stress
  • Use mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Foster positive personal relationships
  • Explore ways to create emotional health and well-being.
  • Internet connection and no previous knowledge needed.
  • The course is intended for all audiences, with any level of knowledge, skills or experience.

Module 1-Introduction

  • Introduction to the Course

Module 2

  • Quick Stress Relief Video 2.1
  • The Science of Stress Video 2.2
  • What is Stress Video 2.3
  • What Is Stress Lecture Overwiew

Module 3

  • Coping with Stress Video 3.1
  • Lecture 3 Description

Module 4

  • Free Mindfulness Audio 4.1
  • Life Happens Audio 4.2
  • Padraig Brief Mindfulness Practice Audio 4.3
  • Still Mind Audio 4.4
  • Padraig Mindfulness Of Breathing Audio 4.5
  • How to Meditate Video 4.6
  • Reducing Stress with Mindfullness Video 4.7
  • Lecture 4 Summary

Module 5

  • Improving Relationship Video 5.1
  • Lecture 5 Desription

Module 6

  • Developing Emotional Awareness Video 6.1
  • Enhancing Emotional Health Video 6.2
  • Lecture 6 Description

Module 7

  • Mindfulness at home in our own skin Video 7.1
  • Inconcluding


  • Hidden from students:QuizStress reduction Quiz

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of study material is provided?
You will get online access to study using Rapid Skillz LMS where you will find material supporting the course.

Who is the certifying body for the courses?

After successful completion of the course, students will get certificate from Rapid Skillz jointly signed by Professor of the course.

What will I get after the completion of the programme?

As it is training oriented program, after completion you will find yourself with more confidence with increased knowledge related of this course along with Rapid Skillz Certificate.

What is the duration of the programme?

The duration of this program is 3 months.

What is the difference between classroom teaching and online course?

Classroom teaching requires physical presence of classroom and teacher, whereas distance learning courses can be studied anytime, anywhere as per your time schedule and convenience.

Can Foreign Nationals apply for the course?

Yes, anybody can apply from any part of the globe.For details of Fee Structure please contact us at or call at +91-9958934646

In case I am unable to take the exam will my fees be refunded?

As a policy under no circumstances will the fees be refunded to the candidate after registration.

Can I take two or more certification exams at one time?

Yes you can take as many numbers of courses at a time.

Does the exam is available only in India?

No, Exam is available all over the globe.

If I fail, what is the procedure to be followed for reappearing in the exam?

If you fail due to some reasons, you have to pay re-appear fee which is 50 % of the course fee and give your exam again.

How many attempts can I give for a certification exam?

There is no limit on re-appearance. You can re-appear by paying re-appear fee as many times you want.

When is the exam conducted?

Duration of the course is 3 months, whenever you are prepared for exams within duration of the course you can appear for exams.

What is the passing percentage?

Passing percentage is 50%.

Do you have any refund policy for this course?

We do not refund any payment. However we assure you of complete satisfaction. If you have any service related issue please contact us or mail us at

What are the various options of making payment?

You can pay using Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking and cash cards.

Is there any option of interacting with the faculty?

Yes you have chance to interact with faculty twice in a month for 15 minutes and we would arrange a Skype call or you can get your emails answered from faculty.

What is the minimum eligibility required to get myself enrolled for the Programme?

Anybody can apply.


Carol Knox

Carol is a passionate and dedicated trainer, facilitator and lecturer, who works in corporate environments as well as in skills and University training. She has more than fifteen years of training experience in these varied contexts. Carol has trained meditation techniques and practiced meditation for around fifteen years. Life adventures have taken Carol on journeys to India, where she attended Buddhist teaching, and Thailand, where she had exposure to Vipassana meditation practices. She has had meditation training from various monks in contexts both abroad and in South Africa. In growing her passion to help and share with people and to act as a catalyst for positive change, she is venturing into the online training context. The primary focus to start will be on Stress Reduction and Meaning and Mindfulness training. Carol has a Master's degree in Education Cum Laude and formal training from the Zur Institute - Innovative Resources & Online Continuing Education - Certificate - Mindfulness and Meditation in Psychotherapeutic Practice, as well as an Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from eMindful - Evidence based mind body wellness. She has also had introductory training in Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy from the University of South Africa - Centre for Applied Psychology.

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