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Project Management (PMP) Training Course

Indian : Rs.22574
International : $376
Every project is different. Some are small and straight forward. Others are large and complex. Most are somewhere in the middle. Even though every project is unique, they all have certain attributes in common. Every project has a similar life cycle, starting with an idea, progressing through development, and culminating in the delivery of a finished product or service. A product has a life cycle of its own which is tied into – yet distinct from – the life cycle of the project. All projects have similar overall phases, such as the start up phase, the planning and design phase, the production phase, and the closing phase. That is all straightforward, but how do a project’s phases relate to the stages of its life cycle? Do the natural phases of a project affect the way it is managed? And what types of project management processes should be applied to the specific phases? These are all fundamental questions project managers ask.
This course answers these questions and more. It is designed to give project managers and project team members a solid understanding about the nature of projects, how they are structured, and how the structures affect the way they are managed. Specifically, it introduces the concepts of project life cycle, product life cycle, project phases, and project management Process Groups. It provides an in depth look at how the project management phases interact with each other and with the elements of the project life cycle. The course illustrates these concepts through many examples of small and large projects.
Learners will also be introduced to the fundamental source of information for project management professionals: the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition published by PMI®. The course will identify key project management concepts and terms, explore the PMBOK® Guide, and the project management Knowledge Areas. This course provides a foundational knowledge base reflecting the most up-to-date project management information so learners can effectively put principles to work at their own organizations. This course will assist in preparing the learner for the PMI® certification exam.
This course is aligned with the PMBOK® Guide - Fifth Edition, published by PMI® Inc., 2013.
Doing PMP certification helps you get ahead of others and provides a technical and financial edge.
  • Managing Projects within Organizations (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Project Management Overview (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Project Management Process Groups (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Integrated Initiation and Planning (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Direct, Monitor, and Control Project Work (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Controlling Changes and Closing a Project (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Capturing, Analyzing, and Managing Lessons Learned
  • Strategic Alignment and Benefits Realization
  • Project Requirements and Defining Scope (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Defining and Sequencing Project Activities (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Estimating Activity Resources and Durations (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Planning Project Costs (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Controlling Project Costs (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Plan Quality Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Quality Management for Continuous Improvement
  • Planning Project Human Resources (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Managing Project Human Resources (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Plan and Manage Project Communications (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Control Project Communications (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Risk Management Planning (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Identifying Project Risks (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Performing Risk Analysis (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Risk Response and Control (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Planning Project Procurement Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Managing Procurements (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Project Stakeholder Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • Managing and Controlling Stakeholder Engagement (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)
  • The Role of Ethics in Project Management
  • Core PMI® Values and Ethical Standards
Candidates opting for Vskills certification, will undergo the assessment exam at Vskills centers, across India. The details for same are as.
  • The Certification Exam is for one hour (1 hour) duration.
  • The exam has 50 multiple choice questions (1 marks each), with no negative marking.
  • The passing percentage is 50% i.e., 25 marks need to be scored in order to clear the exam.
  • One exam attempt is provided per registration with no limit on re-appearance.
  • Certification Exam is computer based exam, held every month at Vskills exam centers.
  • Exam result is shown after submitting the exam.
Successful candidates receive the hard copy certificate usually in 7-10 working days and the link to soft copy can be accessed with in 2-3 working days, post exam date.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is GetCertGo?
GetCertGo (GCG) is one of the India’s largest skill assessment company for working professionals. GCG has transformed the learning and certification process by providing content in online modules which are easy to access and comprehend.

What is the duration of the exam?
If candidate is registered for Vskills Certification, the certification Exam is for one hour (1 hour) duration.

What type of questions are asked in the exam?
If candidate is registered for Vskills Certification, then the exam has 50 multiple choice questions (1 marks each), with no negative marking.

What are the benefits that I will get by taking GCG Certification Exam?
Some of the benefits that you get on taking GCG Certification exam are - Certifying skills that are valued by experts in the industry. Certification opens avenue for candidates as it is an proof of candidate's skills. Getcertgo Certification enhances the chances of employment. CVs of certified candidates are tagged on Monster India and website.

What is the eligibility for registration?
There is no minimum qualification for taking up the Certification Exam

What study material is provided?
Different certifications have different supplementary content being provided to ease the preparation. Content in the form of online videos are provided.

How to access the course?
Link to online videos with login credentials is e-mailed for registered certification.

Is material enough for exam?
The supplementary material provided, covers the table of contents for the certification.

How many days it takes to get access for the material?
Usually it takes maximum of 3 working days to get access to content as login credentials are e-mailed to candidate.

What are minimum days required to complete this course .?
If candidate is registered for Vskills Certification, then the candidate need to schedule their exam with in 6 months of order date.

What is the passing percentage?
If candidate is registered for Vskills Certification Exam. Passing percentage is 50% i.e., 25 marks need to be scored in order to clear the exam.

When is the exam conducted?
If you have taken the Vskills Certification, then Exam is held every month.

How many attempts can I give for a certification exam?
If you have taken the Vskills Certification Exam. Then one exam attempt per registration with no limit on re-appearance.

How do you obtain PMP PDU Certificate for Skillsoft training
The PDU submission form is available at the below link. Kindly fill this form and submit. Your certificate will be sent within few days. You must follow up with an email containing proof of course completion as listed on the form. Please do the needful and the certificate will be processed within 7 business days. For any queries, you may write to the certificate team (details mentioned in the form). Learners can also try printing the PMP certificate from Skillport. Please find the steps below.
  • Login to Skillport
  • Click on “Credentialing” on the left hand panel.
  • Click “Show Progress” besides PDU
  • Check the completed trainings under “Completed” tab and click the link to print certificate.

What are the requirements to get CPE hours from Skillsoft
Course must be “Compliant” at time it is started and must be completed within one year of first access with a score of 70% or greater. Note: State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit, and Skillsoft’s CPE Registry sponsorship alone does not guarantee that its courses are valid for CPE credits in all states. It is important for learners to check with their state boards to confirm the board’s CPE requirements.

How to get PDU from PMI courses through Skillsoft ?
Skillsoft issued certificates are not required when applying for the CAPM or PMP exam. 1. A learner may provide a progress report as proof of required training. 2. In the event a learner’s application is chosen for audit by PMI, a learner may obtain official certificates from Skillsoft to validate required training. Obtaining a certificate of completion for PDUs As a PMI Registered Education Provider of PDUs, Skillsoft has a responsibility to verify that PDU requirements are met, issue a certificate that includes certain PMI required information, and maintain course and certificant records for five years. PMI® certificates of completion are not the same as a general certificate of completion for the reasons just mentioned. Individuals seeking PDU credit must be a Skillsoft client. To receive a certificate, complete the online Certificate Request Form ( and follow the instructions provided to submit your backup information to validate the successful completion of your course. We are not able to provide a certificate to you without first receiving the supporting documentation. Users of Skillsoft’s learning management system, Skillport, do not need to submit a request for a Certificate of Completion. Skillport allows users to print out a formal Certificate of Completion for PDUs. Please refer the link for more information


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